Wire Sculptures

Wire Sculptures

Just got back from Wooster... to a sunny day by Valentine.

I had a wonderful time at the College of Wooster, in Ohio. I put up a small show at the Gault Library - just wire sculptures, as an African artist. No theme. I stuck to figures and wire cars. For some reason, I did not show trees. I was amazed how people did not come out with favorites, although Tango with Bango, on it's first public exhibit, had a slight edge. It's quite a dynamite, really. Small and explosive. Maybe it was because of the mood, upon the eve of Valentine's.

I met wonderful people! Amazing, especially the feeling that I have known their souls for a lifetime. All that happened was add names and faces. I am already forgetting the names. Soon, I will forget the faces. But the heart and souls, I will always remember. But for Sam Kitara and the amazing, hardworking Ngozi Cole, all face, name, and heart will remain intact, sealed by the new friendship. You made this happen, I am very grateful. 

Happy Valentine's.





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